Tribal Art & Israeli Art Gallery

The Tribal Art & Culture Gallery displays the exotic beauty, power, and artistic style of traditional tribal art from across the African continent. Every item in the collection is a one-of-a-kind creation, made by anonymous artists as part of an ancient and long-standing tradition. These unique objects, intended to express universal human values, speak to people of all cultures and in all places.


Encounter between Israeli Art and Non-Western Traditional Art

The Magic of the Deep” by Isaac Peterburg״


Opening hours: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

11 Am – 18 Pm. Friday and Saturday 10 Am – 14 Pm

Tel 055-9230022
13 Baaley Hamelacha st. (near shenkin) – Tel Aviv


New arrivals

The Gallery calls on collectors of non-western art from different parts of the world to contact us and explore options of presenting the collection in the gallery to create a dialogue with contemporary art by Israeli artists

Open Call

African sculptures

All of the works displayed in the gallery reflect universal human and cultural values. 

All items are for sale 055-9230022