Tribal Art & Israeli Art Gallery

The Tribal Art & Culture Gallery displays the exotic beauty, power, and artistic style of traditional tribal art from across the African continent. Every item in the collection is a one-of-a-kind creation, made by anonymous artists as part of an ancient and long-standing tradition. These unique objects, intended to express universal human values, speak to people of all cultures and in all places.


Encounter between Israeli Art and Non-Western Traditional Art

“My’Congo” – Laura Pinhas

Laura Pinhas MyCongo

Opening hours: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

11 Am – 19 Pm. Friday and Saturday 10 Am – 14 Pm

Tel 055-9230022
13 Baaley Hamelacha st. (near shenkin) – Tel Aviv


New arrival

African sculptures

All of the works displayed in the gallery reflect universal human and cultural values. 

All items are for sale 055-9230022