Dr. Galia Duchin Arieli

Dr. Galia Duchin Arieli is a musicologist, a scholar of art, a sought-after lecturer on the subjects of world art and music, and the founder of the Global Art  Gallery.

In her research, Dr. Duchin Arieli explores the relationship between founding events and national traumas in the life of a people, and their expression in the range of different artistic artifacts it produces. Her Master’s degree analyzed the role of the Holocaust in Israeli art, prose, poetry, and music, while her doctorate dealt with stylistic and cultural characteristics in the music of a key generation of Israeli composers. Her wider scholarship has shed light on the diverse array of influences and social characteristics evident in Israeli music, and examined the artistic manifestations of Israeli cultural identity from the early days of statehood through to the present day.


In recent years Dr. Duchin Arieli, who holds a PhD in musicology from Bar-Ilan University, developed a comprehensive curriculum for Israel’s Ministry of Education that integrates music and art into the standard high school subjects of study, with the goal of demonstrating the organic interplay between art and society. She has also directed the “Music and Legends” curriculum for the Karev Program for Educational Involvement, a program of the Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies. The curriculum, which presented students with the key musical, artistic, and narrative works of the major world cultures, inspired Dr. Duchin Arieli’s fascination with the legends, stories, and folklore present in works of African art.

The Global Art Gallery is the culmination of Dr. Duchin Arieli’s dream of presenting the exotic beauty, power, and artistic style of traditional tribal art from across the world to a global audience. This is an art form, as she describes it, that “combines the talents and beliefs of the individual artist with the customs of a culture, tradition, and way of life that the Western viewer may at first perceive as altogether foreign, but upon further reflection seem strikingly familiar.”

She believes the objects on display in the gallery and available for individual purchase hold the power to enrich and enliven everyone’s home in meaningful and surprising ways.