Traditional tribal art from around the world – Open call

.The Tribal Art Gallery aims to bring together traditional art from all over the world (non-western art) with Israeli art
Non-western art is fascinating art based on ancient folk traditions. The origin of non-western art usually rests on local traditional notions of God and the world’s ruling powers. Traditional art is often intended to accompany traditional rituals or a person in his home and life as protection and support for a full and protected life
:Non-western traditional art is usually created (roughly divided) in eight regions of the world
Traditional tribal art originated on the African continent
Traditional indigenous art originating in North America
Traditional tribal art originating in South America
Traditional art originated in the Far East (Japan, China and India)

Oceanic art originated in Australia and New Zealand and the island groups
Traditional Muslim art
Jewish traditional art
There are now many collections of non-western art on display in museums around the world alongside displays in important galleries. These collections are an inspiration and an inexhaustible source of ideas in contemporary art around the world. The Tribal Art Gallery located in the center of Tel Aviv aims to present collections of non-western art from around the world in dialogue with contemporary art that is currently being created in Israel, and create a unique dialogue that is fruitful and fascinating in special exhibitions
The Gallery calls on collectors of non-Western art from different parts of the world to contact us and explore options of presenting the collection in the gallery to create a dialogue with contemporary art by Israeli artists

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